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Independence Day: Freedom to Save Money!

July 1


Happy Independence Day! To celebrate we are having a sale. As an HP Business Partner, we have all your computer and printer needs. Contact us today to get a quote and see your savings.


Snowed Under but it is Summer?

June 1


Feeling overwhelmed? We are here to help! DSA is your IT solution. Acting as an extension of your team, we will make sure your computers are ready for those big orders and work quickly to fix any computer problems you may be having.

It's Hay Season!

May 1


We hear it everyday and so do you "It's Hay Season". During your busy time we make sure everything in your computer network is running smoothly. We are there for you to troubleshoot issues and ensure everything is online when you need it.

Tax Season

April 1


Time for Taxes. Taxes are so much easier with DSAParts II. DSAParts II inventory system ensures your sales receipts are in line for your accountant. If you don't have DSAParts II yet, now is the time to upgrade and start preparing for next year. This clickable interface is easy to use and quick to learn!

March Madness Sales

March 1


As an HP retailer, we have sales aligning with March Madness. This is a great time to update your computers and printers before the busy season. Let us know what you need before the buzzer sounds! 

Ready for the Spring? Check your Memory

February 1


Spring is around the corner. Farmers are getting ready for the season and so should you. Call us today to make sure your computer memory is optimized for your business.

DSAParts II Wraps Up First Full Year

January 1


DSAParts II just finished its first full year. Released in mid-2015, this is a milestone worth celebrating. The intuitive software allows for users to jump right in with little to no training and has been a success. DSAParts II creation fulfills a need for inventory/invoicing software at an affordable price. The clickable easy to use interface is exactly what is needed. Placed on many shop counter computers, we are thrilled to celebrate the first full year!

New Price Updates Available

December 1


New Price Updates available for New Holland, Kubota, Cub, and More. Want to get the update? Make sure you are on the list for your dealing brands. Contact us today. Read More for Manufacturers offered.

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